Opera Viva! Facilities

The accommodations for Opera Viva! are lovely. Instead of standard dormitory or group housing, students and other attendees live in beautifully modern apartments. Opera Viva!’s Verona home is at the Residence all’Adige, situated a pleasant 15-minute walk from the ancient center of the city and connected by the bus route. The Residence provides beautifully modern, newly remodeled, air-conditioned apartments equipped with a fully furnished kitchenette, satellite television, telephone, around-the-clock staffed reception and switchboard.  Laundry facilities are located in the basement.

The Residence provides the housing for all Opera Viva! administration, faculty, students and Bravo Clubbers.  All classrooms and rehearsal rooms are conveniently on site.  Students can just roll out of bed in the morning, grab a cappuccino from the lobby café, and stroll into their first lecture.

More information about the Residence all’Adige can be found here.