Opera Viva! Online Seminar Details

Lectures & Masterclasses July 26-30

  • All sessions will be live via Zoom at the times indicated below (all times listed are Eastern Daylight Time).
  • Every session will be recorded and we will send the recording links to each seminar participant for reviewing at any time.

Private Lessons: Links

On your lesson date and at your designated time, enter your lesson room by clicking on the button associated with your instructor.

Seminar Recordings and Materials

July 26 Recitative in Italian opera with Joyce Fieldsend

July 27 Opera career guidance with Gordon Ostrowski

Gordon Ostrowski slides

(Note: Gordon also returns at the end of Jules Olson’s lecture on July 28 with guidance on networking)

July 27 Recit Masterclass with Filippo Ciabatti

Music for Le nozze di Figaro recit

Music for Matrimonio segreto recit

July 28 On Broadway with Jules Olson

Jules Olson PowerPoint (with embedded videos) – will download PPT to your computer

Jules Olson additional musical theater resources

July 28 Recit Masterclass with Gerardo Felisatti

Music for Cosi fan tutte recit

Music for La Cenerentola recit

July 29 Opening Night! staging workshop with David Walsh & Kristin Kenning

Kristin’s slides – will download PPT to your computer

“Street scene” script

July 30 Virtual tour of Verona

Our Opera Viva! Concert

The concert program is here.

Our concert will be streamed on Facebook on Saturday, July 31 at 1:00 pm EDT. You can find the event here, and you can share it with your friends and family.  As we will have over 30 performers, we will divide the performances into two sets, with a 30-minute break in between.  We will set the order of the performances at the end of the week, so that you will know when to expect your video to be broadcast.

Recording Your Performance

Here are the guidelines for performing and recording your aria.  Please review them carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

  • You are responsible for your own accompaniment.  If you have access to a live accompanist, please use them!
  • Please dress in concert attire.  When we perform arias in Verona, the men wear tuxedos and the women wear gowns.  Understanding that it is summer and we have given you very short notice on this, we ask that you come as close to concert attire as you can.  We want you to look as great as you sound!
  • DO NOT introduce yourself in the recording.  For our broadcast, we are creating cover slides/title pages that will appear before each video that will have your name, the name of your aria and the composer.
  • Do not bow at the end.
  • Record yourself in front of a neutral background.  As we heard from Gordon Ostrowski on Tuesday, the emphasis should be on you, not your environment.
  • Record yourself in LANDSCAPE mode.  Record yourself at least from the waist up, and full body if at all possible.  Again, we want to see you!
  • If you use a recorded accompaniment, please play it through external speakers, to ensure that your voice and your accompaniment are in sync.  We will not have time to assist with any editing after the fact.
  • Please watch your recording all the way through before you submit it to ensure that nothing glitched in the middle.
  • Your recordings are due at 8:00 pm EDT on Friday, July 30.  You will upload them to a shared Google Drive.  Check your email for an invitation to the Google Drive, sent around 11 pm EDT on July 28.  The Google Drive link has been added in this bullet point, but only allowed persons can access it. If you attempt to access it with an email address that Monica does not know, “request access” before Friday morning and I will grant it to you.

The Roberto DeSimone Memorial Aria Competition

All seminar participants may submit an entry to the Opera Viva! Italian Aria competition free of charge! Win cash prizes and scholarships!  Submissions will be judged in two divisions:  Collegiate (ages 18-24) and Emerging Professional (ages 25-35).

  • Your competition entry is due at 8:00 pm EDT on Monday, August 2, and you may submit your concert performance or another recording of your choice.
  • You will upload your entries to a shared Google Drive. The Google invitation to access this drive was sent on July 30.

Competition Prizes

Emerging Professionals



Emerging Professionals



Emerging Professionals






$750 scholarship to Opera Viva! 2022

or $500 cash



$500 scholarship to Opera Viva! 2022

or $250 cash



$250 scholarship to Opera Viva! 2022

or $150 cash

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Preparing Your Aria

The Opera Viva! faculty have assembled expert guidance on the best way to prepare a new aria.  This guidance applies in any situation, but is particularly important to follow so that you can get the most out of the private lessons and classroom instruction at the end of July.

  • Translate the text of the aria from Italian into English or your native language word for word.  It is important that you not use an online translation engine (i.e., Google Translate) for this task, but instead that you search for “translation of <name of aria>” using your favorite search engine.
  • Understand the opera’s plot, your character, and where the aria occurs within the opera’s story.
  • Learn the Italian pronunciation of the aria’s text.
  • Memorize the Italian text and music

Do your best to complete all of these steps before July 26.

Private Lessons: Audio Settings

The default settings in Zoom are optimized for business meetings and not for musicians!  Before your first private lesson, please (1) install the Zoom app on your computer (for optimal performance, you should use a computer for your lessons, not a tablet or phone); and (2) configure your audio settings as explained in this brief 3.5 minute video.

Optimizing Zoom Audio Settings